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He is not here for he has RISEN, Color Your Own T-shirt

He is not here for he has RISEN, Color Your Own T-shirt

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He is not here for he has RISEN! 

Our "Color Your Own" T-shirts are a kid favorite as they have so much fun coloring their very own unique shirt. The creative possibilities are endless as they color their shirt with the included markers. 

Spark their imagination this Easter with one of our fun and interactive shirts.

Each individual shirt purchase comes with a 10-pack of reusable, colored markers for your child to enjoy their creativity and personalize their own look right away! For a permanent look, you can also choose to color your t-shirt with permanent markers *not included*.

When your child is finished wearing their shirt, simply wash your colored T-shirt in the wash (colors will not bleed into your other clothes) and dry as normal.

**When coloring your shirt please remember to insert the included cardboard sheet to the inside of the shirt to avoid colors seeping through to the back of the shirt.

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